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Here’s YOUR CHANCE to get the complete Kegel Success in Minutes a Day course now - complete with live, interactive professional support and guidance, just for you!

The Kegel Success in Minutes a Day
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How to do Real Kegels That Really Work

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Eight days after doing the Kegel Queen’s home kegel program a student from the west coast of the USA wrote:

I had a hysterectomy scheduled for February 25th

Hi Alyce – I started doing my kegels the following day after our teleclass and have been faithfully doing them as prescribed three times a day. It has been one week, and I can tell enough of an improvement to make me want to continue. As you may remember, I had a hysterectomy scheduled for February 25th. I read about your Kegel Queen exercises and decided to cancel my appointment and give this a try. I have a prolapsed uterus and bladder and have bad stress incontinence. After only one week though, I think the incontinence is not quite as bad, so I am excited to keep it up and see what happens. Thanks so much for your class and your encouragement.

— Camille


Just two days later (only 10 days after starting her home kegel program):

I am so glad I didn’t do the hysterectomy and bladder lift…

Hello Alyce. I am so happy to hear from you! I am also VERY excited about my progress! I was able to walk two miles yesterday and stay almost dry!! I am thrilled and encouraged about my future. Thank you so much for all the research you have done and for your class. I am so glad I didn’t do the hysterectomy and bladder lift… This has been a frustrating and such an embarrassing problem. There’s hope on the horizon! Thanks again, Alyce and I look forward to communicating with you again.

— Camille


And most recently, Camille sent me this:

I was miserable and depressed. You really gave me back my life and freedom.

Hi Alyce. I just wanted to give you a quick update as I know you are busy. WOW! My incontinence is probably 80 percent improved. I am SO happy! I am still doing kegels twice a day and probably will keep it up forever. I don’t want to lose the pelvic floor strength ever again. I am so very grateful to you. I had begun feeling like I couldn’t go out in public anymore (I always had to be within sight of a bathroom). I was miserable and depressed. You really gave me back my life and freedom.

— Camille


*Some names have been changed to protect privacy;
other women quoted on this page have requested that we use their real name.

My world turned upside-down when I had my baby!

Alyce’s Personal Kegel Success Story

Having my wonderful daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me.

But it wasn’t the best thing that ever happened to my body. After I became a mom…

I peed my pants. I could never cough, sneeze, or even have a good laugh without wondering if I would need new underwear. Embarrassing!

Then there was the heaviness and pressure in my pelvis.
It felt like there was a trampoline between my legs with a bowling ball on it. Every step I took felt like my insides were going to fall right out.

I couldn’t do what I wanted to do anymore — it was so uncomfortable even to take a walk.

“Are my insides going to actually fall out of me?
Is this going to get worse?”

I felt weak, broken, and alone with these secret problems
— not like the strong, confident woman I wanted to be.

Alyce Adams, RN, the Kegel Queen, with her daughter at age 3

But there was something even worse: becoming parents nearly destroyed our sex life.

Sex just didn’t feel the same. There simply wasn’t the sensation and intensity there used to be.

This was bad.

But when he told me sex didn’t feel that great to him either, I was devastated.

I felt like less of a woman. It shook my confidence in myself. And I felt guilty, as if I were giving him something second-rate. I was scared to admit, even to myself, how bad the problem was.

Deep down, I was afraid to even try to do something about it. What if I tried to fix the problem and it didn’t work? Would he end up leaving me? Or stay, and never be satisfied?

I made a decision: I wanted my body back. I was going to get this problem solved, or die trying. Second-rate just wasn’t going to cut it. He deserved the best, and so did I!

I’d heard about kegels. I knew kegels could help women stop peeing their pants. And because I’m a nurse, I’ve taken care of enough people to know that I never, ever want to end up in adult diapers.

I also knew kegels are good for better sex.
So I’d actually been doing kegels on and off for years —
but I had no idea I was doing them completely wrong.

Until I had a problem, I never bothered to learn much about kegels. And as I talked with other women, it turned out I wasn’t the only one. Nobody really knew how to do kegels right.

Women who had learned about kegels from their doctor didn’t have enough information, and had no support.

Other women were seeing physical therapists, getting a complicated exercise routine they were supposed to do for a full hour every day. (Seriously? As if we weren’t busy enough before!)

Or they had taken childbirth classes that told them to do 200 kegels a day. Even if that turned out to be accurate — which it’s not — who has that kind of time?

Your program REALLY explains how to do the Kegels

Dear Queen Alyce,

I am enjoying the practice… Your program REALLY explains how to do the Kegels in a way I’d never understood before, despite 3 previous trainings in Kegels with pelvic floor specialists. My pelvic floor feels tighter… even though I am still wetting a pad I wear… the drip is less!!! And I notice I’m not getting up, but once during the middle of the night to pee… so far, so good!”

— Paula


Note: Before she found the Kegel Queen Program, Paula had pelvic surgery four times: prolapse procedures, incontinence procedures, and a hysterectomy. She had also had two episiotomies (cuts into the vagina and pelvic floor muscles during childbirth).

Online, I found different kegel instructions everywhere. But they all disagreed with each other and lacked even the most basic details. On the internet, people were selling all kinds of expensive exercise gear you can put in your vagina. But I didn’t want that, and I didn’t trust it.

(And it turns out that those devices are a total waste of time and money when they end up gathering dust in the back of your underwear drawer…)

Even other nurses I talked to didn’t know how to do kegels right.

I needed the facts.

So I went to the University of Rochester Medical Center library to investigate. In nursing school, I was good at research and graduated first in my class — but that was years before. Looking for the right kegel information at the medical library, I felt more like a shy kid on the first day at a new school than the straight-A student I used to be. And at first, I hit a lot of dead ends.

But what I needed was there, and slowly, I began to find it.

I scoured the medical and scientific research on kegels for most of a year. I spent countless hours at the library reading study after study. Month after month, I ignored my housework, my need for sleep, and sometimes my family, reading hundreds of pages.

I descended into the library’s windowless bowels to find the original paper on pelvic floor exercise, presented by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1948.

And I went deep into the library’s sophisticated medical research database, locating the best and newest information — including papers by today’s top women researchers — from five continents around the globe.

This volume I’m holding in this picture contains Dr. Arnold Kegel’s original 1948 paper on pelvic floor exercise.

My program is based on research that begins here and includes decades of material, including the best from modern female scientists around the world.

The Kegel Queen in the medical library stacks

Here’s how we DON’T do kegels:

Here’s a picture of Dr. Kegel’s “perineometer.” Doesn’t look like much fun, does it? His patients would insert this thing and exercise for 20 minutes, 3 times a day — crazy!

Fortunately, we now know you can train your pelvic floor muscles in just a few minutes a day, and there’s nothing you need to put inside you.


Our modern techniques have made pelvic floor muscle training far simpler and easier than it was in Dr. Kegel’s day.

But we call the exercises “kegels” because Dr. Kegel’s patients did get results: they built strength and control in their pelvic floor muscles, and they stopped peeing in their pants.

The graph at right, from Dr. Kegel’s 1948 report, shows one woman’s progress with pelvic floor exercise.

The Kegel Queen at work in the beautiful medical center library reading room. I’ve digested hundreds of pages of research, and made it easy, fun, and fast — just for you!

I buried my nose in the research, studying hundreds of pages of material, looking for the answers to my questions:

  • Slowly, I began to find the answers. Then…

    I put together the best of the best of what I found to create a complete, super-easy, no-devices kegel program that takes just minutes a day: The Kegel Queen Program.

    Because here’s what I discovered: kegels are not just good for keeping you from peeing your panties and keeping prolapsed organs in place (like with cystocele, rectocele, or uterine prolapse).

    Kegels are incredible for totally hot sex!

    Look at what researchers have documented that kegels do for women:

  • Once I put together the original Kegel Queen program and the Three-Minute Workout, and I started doing it for myself, everything changed.

    In the beginning, I could barely do any Real Kegels at all. I couldn’t even finish half of the Three-Minute Workout before my muscles gave out. Some days were better, then on other days it felt like I was going two steps forward and three steps back.

    Weeks went by. I was making steady progress with my Three-Minute Workouts, but I still wasn’t seeing any difference with those icky, saggy feelings, or in bed.

    Is this ever going to work? Or am I damaged goods, doomed to be a second-rate lover and spend the rest of my life out of shape because I can’t exercise?

    I knew my husband had to be wondering the same thing. The pressure was on. Was our marriage ever going to be the same?

Am I wasting my time with this? Should I just give up?

Then, suddenly, after two months of the Three-Minute Workout, everything changed.

Leaking pee? Gone.
Heavy, saggy pressure in my pelvis? Gone.

And the sex?

The Sex. Was. Awesome. (Even better than before baby!)

Now I could do the full Three-Minute Workout, no problem. There was just one more hurdle: sticking with it. I knew from experience how easy it is to start an exercise program… and quit. And there was no way I wanted to go back to the bad old days of saggy muscles!

So I studied the research about what helps women stick with exercise, and especially what helps us stick with kegels, and I worked that into my program too. The kegel habit is so easy I don’t even think about it, like brushing my teeth.

Because of kegels, I’m stronger, I’m more confident, and I feel better about myself.

  • I’ve worked hard at my research, and now experiencing the results personally makes it so worthwhile.

    I’d been enjoying the benefits of kegels — and then the real work began: taking what I’d learned and making it easy for other women to discover, by creating the step-by-step training system and materials to teach the Kegel Queen Program.

    I wanted to make it simple for women who didn’t have the background in anatomy, physiology, nursing, and women’s health that I have, and for women who didn’t have the time to do the research.

    Of course I started with my friends, and they brought their friends. The first class I taught was a riot, with a house full of women laughing and learning, spending an evening soaking up the lessons and proven techniques. They raved about the material, and gave me some great tips to make it even more exciting and easy to understand.

    We’ve come a long way — starting in my living room, and today, women are doing the Kegel Queen Program in 19 countries around the world!

    Now I’m ready to share everything I know about kegels with you.

“Will I Ever Be Normal Again Down There?”

“I hate the way it feels between my legs.”
“I’m so embarrassed, I don’t want to talk to anyone!”
“I can’t do the things I want to do anymore.”
“I’m so sick of feeling like something’s wrong with me.”
“I feel alone with this horrible secret.”
“It’s impossible to be as active as I want to be.”
“I’m ashamed of my own body.”
“I’m so discouraged about my health. I feel hopeless.”
“I have that saggy, uncomfortable feeling all the time.”
“Is this going to get worse?”
“I’m afraid that sex will never be the same.”
“I don’t want to have surgery!”
“I feel like my body is out of control.”

Do any of these sound like you? You don’t have to suffer alone!

Join us in the Kegel Queen Program. It’s just minutes a day. The instructions I’ll send you cover every detail, and they’re super simple. And you do real kegels with your panties ON! No kegel devices, ever.

Improvement with prolapse is typical with the Kegel Queen Program. Jill did even better…

Your system is easy to understand and can change one’s life forever!

Alyce, Wow! Unbelievable that a rumor is going around that kegels don’t work! I am the Certified Professional Coder that codes for several docs, including OB/GYN. There are so many women who could do without surgery if they would get into your program.

I still do, always will do your system, kegel session one to two times per day, no big deal.

Vaginal prolapse — gone! Sex with husband, OMG! Wonderful! Hold my pee, easy!

Key, get the correct information on how to do kegels. Your system is easy to understand and can change one’s life forever! I didn’t even have to complete your program to learn the right way to kegel. That was an easy to understand upfront application to start immediately while completing the reading and listening of the kegel system you give.
Thank you.

— Jill, Certified Professional Medical Coder


The actual San Jose, CA staircase, photo sent to the Kegel Queen by Georgia

My life was completely changed by your program!!

“I had a big win today! I tried an activity that I had to stop doing a couple years ago when I started having prolapse. My daughter and I went to this big condominium complex here in San Jose that people flock to for workouts even if they don’t live there, because it has this awesome, gigantic cement staircase of 223 steps up this huge hill. Anyhow, I made it up the stairs… twice! I didn’t leak and I’m not in any pain this evening… and I can’t wait to go again tomorrow!

ALSO… My hubby and I had only had sex once since I started the program in February and it didn’t go well. I knew something was changing last week when I actually started thinking about sex and wanted it! So, hubby and I made love two nights ago and it was wonderful!!! No pain whatsoever and very pleasurable!

I’m thankful every day that I came across Your Highness that day online. My life was completely changed by your program!!

Thank you!!”

— Georgia

San Jose

What Makes Kegels So Awesome?

  • Kegels can end the shame and embarrassment of incontinence. Adult diapers, fear of a humiliating “accident,” and the threat of surgery — or a few minutes of exercise every day?

    Kegels can relieve prolapse, and even reverse prolapse (cystocele, rectocele, or uterine prolapse). Typically, women in the Kegel Queen Program tell me that they’re no longer considering prolapse surgery. They share that their prolapse is out of place less often, that when it’s out of place it’s not as far out of place, and that they have symptom relief so they can do what they want to do again. Some women have even better results and find that their symptoms disappear 100%, or that the prolapse is simply gone.

    Kegels give YOU the power. Once you learn how, and you’re doing kegels right, you’re taking charge of your own health. You’re not lying on a cold table having someone in a white coat do things between your legs (not fun, we all know). Instead, you’re actively exercising on your own, in a way that feels good!

    Kegels are safe. If you do kegels correctly, there’s no possible way to hurt yourself.

    End of story.

    Kegels can lead to great sex, for you and your partner. What’s not to love about that?

    Kegels have no negative side effects. Take a look through one of the “drug guide” books we nurses use. Every single medication has a list of possible side effects that reads like the script from a horror film — even everyday over-the-counter drugs like aspirin. Side effects with surgery are just as scary. Just about any medical treatment or procedure is the same way.

But with kegels, if you’re doing them correctly, there is literally not one single negative side effect.

The one and only side effect kegels DO have? Better sex!

  • After doing a kegel program, women have reported:

I’m already having better sex.

“I’ve been doing the Kegel Queen’s workout for less than two weeks, and I’m already having better sex.”

— Jenny C., Teacher

Rochester, NY

Why Does the Kegel Queen Program Succeed When Other Kegels Fail?

♦ No devices, so it’s easy for you

  • If you look around on the internet, everyone seems to be selling something you can put inside your vagina and squeeze. Sure, you can spend your money on some kegel gizmo if you want. Or you could keep that money in your pocket and experience the benefits of a simpler, more portable, powerful kegel workout. In study after study, researchers have shown kegels to be amazingly effective — with no devices at all.

    With the Kegel Queen Program there’s no device you need to buy. Nothing you need to put inside you. Nothing you need to keep clean. Nothing you need to carry when you travel overnight. Nothing you need to explain to airport security! And with the Kegel Queen Program, you can do kegels with your pants ON, anywhere you have a few minutes to give kegels your attention.

♦ Developed by a registered nurse and based on scientific research — information you can count on

I didn’t just sit down at my computer one day and make this stuff up. The Kegel Queen Program is based on extensive research in women’s health from all over the world, and my background as a registered nurse. I’ve spent hour after hour, month after month, decoding scientific papers with names like “Urogynaecological problems in pregnancy and postpartum sequelae” and “Comparative efficacy of behavioral interventions in the management of female urinary incontinence.”

From these reports and dozens and dozens of others, I have painstakingly extracted the jewels of information that are the foundation of the Kegel Queen Program, information you and I can use in our everyday lives.

♦ One-of-a-kind info about kegels and breathing, so kegels work better and feel good

The program is also shaped by my experience as a longtime yoga student, and as a mother. In yoga I’ve learned how important it is to use your breath correctly when you work your muscles, and how your breath can help you relax, both of which are essential parts of my program.

♦ The shortest time and simplest routine, so it easily fits into your life

I’m a working mom. I know how valuable your time is. I know how tough it can be to spend time taking care of yourself! So the Kegel Queen Program is designed to fit into your jam-packed day. And it’s designed to help you relax and feel good, so it’s worth your time not just for your health in the long run, but it benefits you in the moment WHILE you do it.

♦ Designed to reduce stress while you build pelvic floor strength and control — so you feel relaxed and actually enjoy doing your kegels

Do you need a free vacation? In the Kegel Queen Program, you get a mini-vacation every time you do your Three-Minute Workout.

Using breathing and other techniques, you set aside the stresses of your day, and let your mind and body relax and rest while you do your kegels. After I do my Kegel Queen kegels I feel more calm, more steady, and more grounded. I can approach life with a better attitude.

And relaxation doesn’t just feel good: researchers have found that relaxing with kegels helps women stick with a kegel program. Sticking with your program is a critical part of your success, and the Kegel Queen Program makes it so relaxing and rewarding that the odds of success are strongly in your favor. (And the sense of well-being that the Kegel Queen Program provides can spill over into the rest of your life. You can be a happier, more peaceful person all day long.)

♦ Designed to help you stick with your kegels, so you can succeed

Have you ever started an exercise program, and then abandoned it? Most of us have. I’ve studied the research on what helps women stick with an exercise program, and what helps women stick with a kegel program in particular, and I’ve made those principles a key part of the Kegel Queen Program. It doesn’t matter how perfect, effective, or brilliant a program might be — if you don’t do the program, you won’t get the results.

I’ll be totally honest with you: even though the Kegel Queen Program is just a few minutes a day, even though I love the breathing and relaxation, even though kegels have made my life so much better, there are days I just don’t feel like doing it. Everybody has days like that. But I choose to do my Kegel Queen kegels anyway, and I’m always so glad I did.

I’ve designed the Kegel Queen Program so the deck is stacked in your favor, so you’ll WANT to do your kegels.

So that when you do have an “I-don’t-wanna day,” you will choose to say yes to kegels, as I do, and get the benefits for yourself (and your partner).

♦ The Three-Minute Workout, for maximum benefit in minimum time

This is the core of the Kegel Queen Program. The goal of the Three-Minute Workout is to give you the maximum kegel benefit in the shortest possible time. This includes…

The best kegel technique, so you can be sure you’re doing kegels right

Breathing techniques to maximize pelvic floor contraction strength

Mental and physical relaxation helps you do effective kegels, enjoy your workout, and stick with the program

Three-Minute Workout Variations, including alternate schedules, the Kegel Athlete Option, and the Speed Workout — customized to meet your needs.

I’m so glad I learned to do kegels correctly.

“Wanted to let you know I received your materials and found them very helpful. Incontinence went away right away. Uterus is returning to a more normal position. I’m no longer considering surgery. Thanks so much for your info. I’m so glad I learned to do kegels correctly.”

— Barbara


I feel young, strong and free.

“Dear Alyce,

Last night, during a session of Israeli folk dancing, as I was stumbling around in the back trying to follow the steps of the participants who must have been taking the class for months or years, it hit me: I had not danced for years, because I was afraid to, and now, here I am, at my second class in a week, having the time of my life. And I am not worried about leaking! The situation is not 100% and I do wear a pad but the fact is that I have been dancing and focusing on learning the steps and nothing else. I feel young, strong and free. When I realized how dramatic the change was that made this possible I knew I had to share the news with you. The first time we talked I told  you my goal was to be able to dance, and here I am, experiencing a new joy I did not believe would be mine, after a few months of daily exercising. Thank you so much and please share my good news.


— Shoshana


So, from being on the verge of surgery, to “See ya later!” just due to doing kegels the RIGHT way!

“Dear Alyce,

I have been doing kegels for 6 months now, tho not as religiously as I should, sometimes missing a week or two at a time. But, good news, when I went to the urogynecologist a few months ago, she said that my prolapse was much improved, that I didn’t need to follow up with her anymore unless things got worse again (and I’m not going to let that happen!).

So, from being on the verge of surgery, to “See ya later!” just due to doing kegels the RIGHT way!

Thanks, Alyce… and Merry Christmas — Happy New Year!”

— Heather, Canton


Is this really going to work for me?

  • This is the number one question women ask. And the simple answer is this: The only way to find out how much kegels can help you is to get started and do it.

    Maybe you’ll be like Barbara, who said, “my uterus is returning to a more normal position.” Typically, women see improvement with prolapse. Or maybe you’ll be like Elizabeth, who said “the doctors can’t find my rectocele anymore.”

    With incontinence, women usually start seeing results within the first two weeks!

    How much will kegels help you? Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s history is different.

    Women ask me,

  • The answer for each of those questions is YES! Kegels can and do help women like you.

    And one thing most women don’t think about: no matter what, when you do kegels correctly, kegels will make the most of what you’ve got. With our health, we all have certain cards that have been dealt to us. But how you play the hand you’re dealt is up to you.

    Maybe your top pelvic floor fitness isn’t the same as somebody else’s. You may not win the pelvic health Olympics. But don’t you want to reach YOUR personal best level of pelvic fitness? Don’t you want to make the most of what you have? When you do kegels right, you’re choosing to give yourself every advantage you can.

    How much kegels help YOU depends on your individual body and your dedication to the program. The only way to find out how much kegels can help you is to begin!

“What Do I Get When I Order?”

Become a Kegel Queen Member now, and Get Easy, Complete Info Showing You:
How to Do Real Kegels that Really Work

Mailed to You Discreetly, in a Plain Envelope
Everything you need to do kegels right!

Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio CDs

Complete how-to audio for the Kegel Success in Minutes a Day safe-at-home kegel program. You will get all the information you need to get started doing kegels safely and correctly in a fun and easy two-hour program. (That’s just two hours, like watching one movie!) You also get to hear the Kegel Queen’s personalized answers, asked by women like you, and recorded live!

51-Page, Illustrated Info Guide

The printed companion to the audio. Turn the pages as you follow along with the CDs (make notes if you like!), and discover helpful illustrations, extra detail, and easy summaries. Then use this info guide as an easy-access reference that covers all the Kegel Success in Minutes a Day info, any time you wish to review it. Also includes a fold-out flowchart to give you a customized answer to the question, “Do you need to see a health care provider?”

Complete Transcript of Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio

Gives you the complete and exact wording from the audio CDs, so it’s easy to locate any info, any time.

Keep It Simple Kegels 151-page softcover book

Not sold in stores or online anywhere, this book is available only as part of the Kegel Success in Minutes a Day safe-at-home kegel package. Expanded info with even more detail on everything about kegels, woman-to-woman from the Kegel Queen to you, in an easy-to-read, friendly book.

Three-Minute Workout Cheat Sheet

Keep this by the bed for easy reference as you’re getting started.

DVD: How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers: These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)

Every piece of valuable info from the webinar, including lifestyle tips and safe drug-free, non-surgical treatments. Kegels are just one of these 11 ways! Essential, must-have info for every woman. Watch the DVD anytime, and share with women you care about.

I’m ready to order!

All Available Online the Moment You Order

Access this valuable information anywhere — on your computer, tablet, or smartphone — as soon as your order is complete!

(Electronics not included.)

All Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio, Info Guide, and Support Materials

Complete how-to material: Audio, Info Guide, Transcript, Three-Minute Workout Cheat Sheet. Everything available to listen or view online — or download as PDFs & MP3s, available instantly for your use.

Complete Keep It Simple Kegels E-book

Read online or download to your tablet, phone, or reader for easy access anywhere you go!

Plus: As my gift to you, to give you every opportunity to succeed with kegels…

Two Huge Bonuses to Provide You with Continuing Personalized Support — Added to Your Order Absolutely Free!

Help and Guidance When You Need it Most

Research shows that ongoing support is a big part of succeeding with kegels. Get your questions answered, professionally, in a safe, women-only space!

Bonus #1:
One Full Year of Support: Live Monthly Q & A, Plus Exclusive Members-Only Info Online

Your year of membership includes:

One Year of Live Monthly Q & A Calls with the Kegel Queen or her certified, professional coaches. Join these women-only group calls and get the answers you need about your pelvic health — kegels, pessaries, exercise, hormones, and more. Hear from women like you around the world! Phone, web call, or listen online. Talk live or type your questions and comments (as anonymously as you like).

Articles, Interviews, and More, at the Kegel Queen Connection Website — for Members Only. You’ll have 12 months of access to this members-only website, offering exclusive info on pelvic health for women. Topics include everything from yoga to gut health, body alignment, pain with intimacy, physical therapy, and much more. Even some of the Kegel Queen’s favorite recipes!

Bonus #2:
30-Day Total Support Coaching Program

Daily info, encouragement, and support to get you started right — along with essential info about exercise, diet, and non-surgical options beyond kegels. Get your questions answered in a safe, women-only online space, and find out what women like you are saying about prolapse, incontinence, and kegels. Begin this 30-day program on your own schedule; pause the coaching, re-start, or repeat your 30 coaching days at any time for a full year after you order.

I thought I was all alone...

“I am so glad I found you. I thought I was all alone… Thank you for making all this seem/sound so “normal” and taking away the embarrassment.”

— Arne


This valuable information could change your life.

What would it be worth to you, and to the people who love you, if you could have the benefits my Kegel Queen members are getting?

What would it be worth to avoid surgery?

What would it be worth to get relief from prolapse?

What would it be worth to stay dry without a pad?

What would it be worth to start enjoying intimacy again (or enjoying it even more than now)?

Kegel Queen members are receiving these benefits every day!

When you order, you get all this…

    Complete Kegel Success Package mailed to you, with every detail on how to do kegels right. Package includes

  • Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio CDs
  • 51-Page, Illustrated Info Guide
  • Complete Transcript of Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio
  • Keep It Simple Kegels 151-page softcover book
  • Three-Minute Workout Cheat Sheet
  • DVD: How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers: These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)
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I realize lots of people are watching their budget these days, but think of what pelvic floor problems can cost otherwise…

Just one month of adult diapers (5 per day) costs over $100.

Surgery for prolapse or incontinence, with all the risk, expense, and painful weeks or months of recovery: $6,000 to $20,000 or more.

Kegel gizmos run between $40 and hundreds of dollars. Do you really want to take off your pants and put something inside you every time you do kegels? Do you really want to have one more thing to keep clean? Do you want to pack it in your overnight bag and have airport security wave it around and ask you to explain? Do any of these devices come with two hours of valuable instruction, professionally researched advice on how to stick with your kegels, and the full range of information you’ll get in this training? I doubt it!

A few physical therapy visits will cost hundreds of dollars — with no ongoing support provided.

Excellent... support to heal

I think that your Kegel Queen program is excellent. I’ve shared your DVD w/ my youngest daughter who is interested in learning more about kegels and the pelvic bowl/floor. Thank you for sharing your journey and the experiences of other women. This makes me feel a part of a larger community and gives me support to heal. I am a firm believer in kegels, and appreciate beyond measure the work and training in pelvic floor strengthening and understanding from the Kegel Queen.”


Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA


“Thanks, Alyce, for all of your help and customer service. You are awesome.


Florida, USA

I actually want to tell every woman I see

I would love to get on the PA at the grocery store and share this with everyone… you discussed this topic in such a professional, compassionate way that I did not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I actually want to tell every woman I see about the Kegel Queen. (Do you have any T-shirts?) Thank you.


Kentucky, USA

The Kegel Queen’s Royal Guarantee

I personally guarantee your satisfaction.

I pledge that this program is complete, it’s accurate, and it’s easy to use. If you disagree, and you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of this program, just send it back and I’ll refund every penny you paid.

It’s that simple: Not happy? You get your money back, period.

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Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

I can’t wait to hear about the amazing results the Kegel Queen Program can help you achieve. By doing kegels correctly, I’ve stopped leaking pee, ended prolapse symptoms, and radically transformed my love life with my husband. I’m here to help you too!

In good health,

Alyce Adams, RN
The Kegel Queen

P.S. What happens if you don’t get started now? I know, it can be a challenge to put your well-being first. As women, we have so many responsibilities to others! But if you don’t take a stand for your own health, who will? The fact is, if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re no good to anyone else. Starting this program could really help you. Typically, women see significant (and even life-changing!) improvement with prolapse, incontinence, and intimacy. I can’t make a guarantee about your body; your results depend on your body, your history, and your dedication to the program. And, I guarantee that this is the best safe-at-home kegel program you’ll ever find.

And I will promise you this: If you don’t take action, you’re guaranteed to fail. To keep suffering. To live with the threat of surgery. To not be as active as you want. To feel broken and alone, as I did, before I discovered Real Kegels That Really Work.

Hope, support, tools and resources you can easily apply in your life, and the chance to gain control and freedom —or guaranteed suffering?

The choice is yours.

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P.P.S. When you discover how to do kegels right, you can relieve prolapse (or even reverse prolapse!), finally get bladder control, and enjoy more pleasure — all with no kegel devices, no drugs, and no surgery, in just minutes a day! 

Here’s your chance to get full kegel instructions now in this easy, one-of-a-kind program created and tested by a Registered Nurse. That’s me, the Kegel Queen!

After I became a mom, I suffered with saggy prolapse symptoms, leaky pee, and disappointing intimacy — until my year of medical and scientific research uncovered the kegel secrets that changed everything.

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Imagine feeling as good as you did when you were younger, or before baby… being active all day without embarrassing leaking or discomfort… no more worrying — just feeling confident and in control.

The Kegel Queen Program works when other kegels fail. This can hold the key for you, too!

And I’m taking all the risk, with the Kegel Queen’s Royal Guarantee. If the program isn’t for you, send it back for a full refund.

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