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Attention Women: If Things Aren't The Same Down There...


How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers: These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)

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"How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers:
These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)"

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You’ll hear the Kegel Queen’s story — how this registered nurse went from frightful to fabulous, transforming her own saggy prolapse symptoms, “sneeze pee,” and disappointing intimacy in just two months.

And you’ll also hear from women like you: Grace, Chris, Barbara, Elizabeth, and more from around the world. They’ve suffered with prolapse and incontinence, said no to surgery, and said yes to feeling great!

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Kegel Queen members are saying this about the Kegel Queen Program…

"Good news, when I went to the urogynecologist a few months ago, she said that my prolapse was much improved…So, from being on the verge of surgery, to “See ya later!” just due to doing kegels the RIGHT way!"

— Heather, Canton, Michigan

I also wanted to mention that you discussed this topic in such a professional compassionate way that, even though I was at home, I did not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I actually want to tell every woman I see about the Kegel Queen. (Do you have any T-shirts?) What I’m saying is that you did a good job. Thank you.

— Lisa, Kentucky

"I was miserable and depressed. You really gave me back my life and freedom.

— Camille, California

"I am beginning to feel like myself again."

— Michelle, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

"You are a treasure. The Kegels really do work!"

— Rita, Tigard, Oregon

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