Women are raving about the Kegel Queen Program!

I thought I was all alone...

“I am so glad I found you. I thought I was all alone… Thank you for making all this seem/sound so “normal” and taking away the embarrassment.”

— Arne


Excellent... support to heal

I think that your Kegel Queen program is excellent. I’ve shared your DVD w/ my youngest daughter who is interested in learning more about kegels and the pelvic bowl/floor. Thank you for sharing your journey and the experiences of other women. This makes me feel a part of a larger community and gives me support to heal. I am a firm believer in kegels, and appreciate beyond measure the work and training in pelvic floor strengthening and understanding from the Kegel Queen.”


Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

You are awesome

“Thanks, Alyce, for all of your help and customer service. You are awesome.


Florida, USA

I want to tell every woman I see

I would love to get on the PA at the grocery store and share this with everyone… you discussed this topic in such a professional, compassionate way that I did not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I actually want to tell every woman I see about the Kegel Queen. (Do you have any T-shirts?) Thank you.


Kentucky, USA

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