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How to Do Real Kegels that Really Work

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Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio CDs

Complete how-to audio for the Kegel Success in Minutes a Day safe-at-home kegel program. You will get all the information you need to get started doing kegels safely and correctly in a fun and easy two-hour program. (That’s just two hours, like watching one movie!) You also get to hear the Kegel Queen’s personalized answers, asked by women like you, and recorded live!

51-Page, Illustrated Info Guide

The printed companion to the audio. Turn the pages as you follow along with the CDs (make notes if you like!), and discover helpful illustrations, extra detail, and easy summaries. Then use this info guide as an easy-access reference that covers all the Kegel Success in Minutes a Day info, any time you wish to review it. Also includes a fold-out flowchart to give you a customized answer to the question, “Do you need to see a health care provider?”

Complete Transcript of Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio

Gives you the complete and exact wording from the audio CDs, so it’s easy to locate any info, any time.

Keep It Simple Kegels 151-page softcover book

Not sold in stores or online anywhere, this book is available only as part of the Kegel Success in Minutes a Day safe-at-home kegel package. Expanded info with even more detail on everything about kegels, woman-to-woman from the Kegel Queen to you, in an easy-to-read, friendly book.

Three-Minute Workout Cheat Sheet

Keep this by the bed for easy reference as you’re getting started.

DVD: How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers: These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)

Every piece of valuable info from the webinar, including lifestyle tips and safe drug-free, non-surgical treatments. Kegels are just one of these 11 ways! Essential, must-have info for every woman. Watch the DVD anytime, and share with women you care about.

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All Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio, Info Guide, and Support Materials

Complete how-to material: Audio, Info Guide, Transcript, Three-Minute Workout Cheat Sheet. Everything available to listen or view online — or download as PDFs & MP3s, available instantly for your use.

Complete Keep It Simple Kegels E-book

Read online or download to your tablet, phone, or reader for easy access anywhere you go!

Plus: As my gift to you, to give you every opportunity to succeed with kegels…

Two Huge Bonuses to Provide You with Continuing Personalized Support — Added to Your Order Absolutely Free!

Help and Guidance When You Need it Most

Research shows that ongoing support is a big part of succeeding with kegels. Get your questions answered, professionally, in a safe, women-only space!

Bonus #1:
One Full Year of Support: Live Monthly Q & A, Plus Exclusive Members-Only Info Online

Your year of membership includes:

One Year of Live Monthly Q & A Calls with the Kegel Queen or her certified, professional coaches. Join these women-only group calls and get the answers you need about your pelvic health — kegels, pessaries, exercise, hormones, and more. Hear from women like you around the world! Phone, web call, or listen online. Talk live or type your questions and comments (as anonymously as you like).

Articles, Interviews, and More, at the Kegel Queen Connection Website — for Members Only. You’ll have 12 months of access to this members-only website, offering exclusive info on pelvic health for women. Topics include everything from yoga to gut health, body alignment, pain with intimacy, physical therapy, and much more. Even some of the Kegel Queen’s favorite recipes!

Bonus #2:
30-Day Total Support Coaching Program

Daily info, encouragement, and support to get you started right — along with essential info about exercise, diet, and non-surgical options beyond kegels. Get your questions answered in a safe, women-only online space, and find out what women like you are saying about prolapse, incontinence, and kegels. Begin this 30-day program on your own schedule; pause the coaching, re-start, or repeat your 30 coaching days at any time for a full year after you order.

I thought I was all alone...

“I am so glad I found you. I thought I was all alone… Thank you for making all this seem/sound so “normal” and taking away the embarrassment.”

— Arne


This valuable information could change your life.

What would it be worth to you, and to the people who love you, if you could have the benefits my Kegel Queen members are getting?

What would it be worth to avoid surgery?

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What would it be worth to start enjoying intimacy again (or enjoying it even more than now)?

Kegel Queen members are receiving these benefits every day!

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    Complete Kegel Success Package mailed to you, with every detail on how to do kegels right. Package includes

  • Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio CDs
  • 51-Page, Illustrated Info Guide
  • Complete Transcript of Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio
  • Keep It Simple Kegels 151-page softcover book
  • Three-Minute Workout Cheat Sheet
  • DVD: How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers: These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)
  •                …valued at $271.00

    Instant Online Access to all Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Audio, Info Guide, and Support Materials. You can get started immediately, the moment you order! Then access this info anytime, anywhere online, or download so it’s most convenient for you.

                   …valued at $197.00

    Total Support Coaching Program: 30 days of inspiration, the pelvic health info you’re looking for, and interactive, professional support to get you started right!

                   …valued at $147.00

    Twelve Months Exclusive Membership with live monthly Q & A to answer your questions in real time, and full access to members-only articles, interviews, and more at the Kegel Queen Connection web site — for the support you need

                   …valued at $204.00

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I realize lots of people are watching their budget these days, but think of what pelvic floor problems can cost otherwise…

Just one month of adult diapers (5 per day) costs over $100.

Surgery for prolapse or incontinence, with all the risk, expense, and painful weeks or months of recovery: $6,000 to $20,000 or more.

Kegel gizmos run between $40 and hundreds of dollars. Do you really want to take off your pants and put something inside you every time you do kegels? Do you really want to have one more thing to keep clean? Do you want to pack it in your overnight bag and have airport security wave it around and ask you to explain? Do any of these devices come with two hours of valuable instruction, professionally researched advice on how to stick with your kegels, and the full range of information you’ll get in this training? I doubt it!

A few physical therapy visits will cost hundreds of dollars — with no ongoing support provided.

Excellent... support to heal

I think that your Kegel Queen program is excellent. I’ve shared your DVD w/ my youngest daughter who is interested in learning more about kegels and the pelvic bowl/floor. Thank you for sharing your journey and the experiences of other women. This makes me feel a part of a larger community and gives me support to heal. I am a firm believer in kegels, and appreciate beyond measure the work and training in pelvic floor strengthening and understanding from the Kegel Queen.”


Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

You are awesome

“Thanks, Alyce, for all of your help and customer service. You are awesome.


Florida, USA

I want to tell every woman I see

I would love to get on the PA at the grocery store and share this with everyone… you discussed this topic in such a professional, compassionate way that I did not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I actually want to tell every woman I see about the Kegel Queen. (Do you have any T-shirts?) Thank you.


Kentucky, USA

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I personally guarantee your satisfaction.

I pledge that this program is complete, it’s accurate, and it’s easy to use. If you disagree, and you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of this program, just send it back and I’ll refund every penny you paid.

It’s that simple: Not happy? You get your money back, period.

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”I was so excited and relieved to find a solution that I cried when your information came in the mail.“


Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

I can’t wait to hear about the amazing results the Kegel Queen Program can help you achieve. By doing kegels correctly, I’ve stopped leaking pee, ended prolapse symptoms, and radically transformed my love life with my husband. I’m here to help you too!

In good health,

Alyce Adams, RN
The Kegel Queen

P.S. What happens if you don’t get started now? I know, it can be a challenge to put your well-being first. As women, we have so many responsibilities to others! But if you don’t take a stand for your own health, who will? The fact is, if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re no good to anyone else. Starting this program could really help you. Typically, women see significant (and even life-changing!) improvement with prolapse, incontinence, and intimacy. I can’t make a guarantee about your body; your results depend on your body, your history, and your dedication to the program. And, I guarantee that this is the best safe-at-home kegel program you’ll ever find.

And I will promise you this: If you don’t take action, you’re guaranteed to fail. To keep suffering. To live with the threat of surgery. To not be as active as you want. To feel broken and alone, as I did, before I discovered Real Kegels That Really Work.

Hope, support, tools and resources you can easily apply in your life, and the chance to gain control and freedom —or guaranteed suffering?

The choice is yours.

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Are you ready to get your body
back — down there — and feel good again?

P.P.S. When you discover how to do kegels right, you can relieve prolapse (or even reverse prolapse!), finally get bladder control, and enjoy more pleasure — all with no kegel devices, no drugs, and no surgery, in just minutes a day! 

Here’s your chance to get full kegel instructions now in this easy, one-of-a-kind program created and tested by a Registered Nurse. That’s me, the Kegel Queen!

After I became a mom, I suffered with saggy prolapse symptoms, leaky pee, and disappointing intimacy — until my year of medical and scientific research uncovered the kegel secrets that changed everything.

Join me and over 1,800 women who have discovered Real Kegels That Really Work (in 22 countries around the world)!

Camille, in California, wrote that this complete safe-at-home kegel course “gave me back my life and freedom.”

Imagine feeling as good as you did when you were younger, or before baby… being active all day without embarrassing leaking or discomfort… no more worrying — just feeling confident and in control.

The Kegel Queen Program works when other kegels fail. This can hold the key for you, too!

And I’m taking all the risk, with the Kegel Queen’s Royal Guarantee. If the program isn’t for you, send it back for a full refund.

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